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Car Grille-like  


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View the Sophistication Inside & Out

Openworked Dial, Drilled Case Back, Show Quality Throughout

IRON features an exclusive multi-layered case made from tough 316L stainless steel. The skeletonized see-through body shows off the exquisitely-made movement inside. A tough sapphire crystal covers the MIYOTA 82S7 moving underneath, protected by a hardened steel casing, giving this sophisticated system the durability needed for rugged outdoor activities.

Day & Night Shift with 24-Hour Dial Mechanism

IRON is a unique, highly readable and durable watch. Its numerals and hands are all illuminated with the latest Swiss Super-Luminova tech that glows in low-light conditions. 

Meanwhile, the unique 24-hour dial which is isolated from the hands, shows clearly, day or night and a dedicated minute dial makes reading the time fast and accurate. 

All components are well suited to extreme wilderness activities yet remain aesthetically pleasing.

Back to Nature, Take a Refreshing Breath

OLTO-8 advocates a life divided into three 8 hour portions. Eight for sleep, eight for work, and eight for relaxation. IRON Series is a reminder to respond to the call of nature. In a modern world where connections most often happen over the internet, IRON inspires you to explore the great outdoors.

Sign up now to reserve 40% OFF Launch Day Discount. Secure your ticket now.